Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Polylink Piping Systems Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated business, specialising in the supply and installation of plastic piping systems. Polylink provide services to the water, waste water, mining, industrial process, power, civil and infrastructure markets.

Polylink understands your need to be sure that your products and services will work – and will keep on working and are committed to ensuring the quality of products and services available is implemented and maintained to the highest possible standards. We will aim at consistently not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We will maintain a commitment to quality and ensure its continual improvement. We will also continue to establish and maintain quality objectives and targets for continual improvement to our business.

Consistent with this, the business will:

  • Work profitably with all our clients and ensure all work is carried out in an ethical and legal manner.
  • Deliver our products and projects on time and on budget with the intention of satisfying and exceeding the expectations of the client.
  • Maintain a level of focus for public needs; that the clients and public authorities would be expected to provide themselves.
  • Provide documented evidence of quality workmanship when requested, that objectionably advises that all works have been constructed in accordance with contract specifications, relevant legislations and codes of practice.
  • Use professional advice when necessary to ensure that Polylink satisfies legal requirements of all other relevant legislation and/or legal requirements covering projects worked on.
  • The Quality Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to reflect the structure and activities of our business and will be communicated to all personnel and interested parties.

A successful quality management system requires the commitment and involvement of everyone concerned, therefore all Polylink employees are required to comply with this policy to ensure the best possible outcome.