Our Premises, Services and Equipment

Our Premises, Services and Equipment

We supply:

  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings
  • PVC Pipe and Electrical Conduit
  • PVDF and ECTFE Pipe and Fittings
  • Complete Systems including Pumps, Valves, Hoses and licensed Electrical Control Equipment

Our fully equipped workshop ensures that all products and services are carried out promptly, professionally and to the highest quality and safety standards. Stocking a large range of quality pipe and fittings, ensures lead times are kept to a minimum.

Our commitment to excellence combined with our quality management systems guarantee you quality, reliability and value every time.

Pipeline services include:

  • Pipe Buttwelding from 32mm to 630mm Diameter
  • Electrofusion Welding
  • Extrusion Welding
  • Socket Fusion Welding
  • Pipeline Construction & Repairs
  • Plant Shutdown and Maintenance Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Services
  • Polyethylene Tank Repairs
With over 700 square metres of workshop space we can complete your workshop fabrication and spooling projects large or small. Our Bunbury facility sits on 4,500 square metres of land, offering ample lay-down and storage space.

Polylink run a fleet of TOYOTA vehicles complete with tool boxes and power plants ready around the clock to deploy to the next job. Vehicles are regularly maintained and are mine site compliant.

With a trailer for almost every occasion, Polylink have trailers able to cart pipe including 6m and 12m lengths. We have machine trailers to ensure equipment is kept secure and out of the weather. We also have a fully decked out site shutdown trailer complete with equipment such as lifting and rigging gear, electric and battery tools, height safety equipment, mag base drill, safety equipment, bolts and gaskets.

WHD Welders

We have a full fleet of WHD welders which are ideal for both workshop and site welding due to the Flexible Frame arrangement.

Our Fleet of WHD Welders include:

  • 4 x WHD160 – for welding 63-160mm pipe
  • 1 x WHD250 – for welding 90-250mm pipe
  • 4 x WHD315 – for welding 90-315mm pipe
  • 4 x WHD450 – for welding 200-450mm pipe
  • 1 x WHD630 – for welding 315-630mm pipe

Hydraulic Workshop Fabrication

Included in our high-tech workshop facility we have Hydraulically operated workshop fabrication machine for the butt-welding segmented bends of different radii, equal tees, crosses, branch tees and True Y-Pieces. This equipment also often gives us the flexibility of fabricating purpose-built parts where molded or off the shelf parts are unavailable – often ensuring significantly reduced lead times.

Need tank repairs, threaded outlets welding in etc… no problem!

We have a range of state of the art Leister Extrusion and Hand Welding equipment suitable for workshop and site work including:

  • 2 x Leister Weldplast S2 Welder – ideal for workshop/site work
  • 2 x Leister Hand Welders c/w a Range of Welding Nozzles.

On the rare occasion when buttwelding a pipe is not practical our fleet of welding equipment also includes 6 x BEAT Electrofusion welders.

Ideal also for those who prefer DIY or for remote repairs where mobilising specialised welding gear and personnel is impractical. We stock a large range of electrofusion fittings up to 400mm.

IR Welding

Another specialised form of welding Polylink offer IR Welding. More typically used for materials such as ECTFE, PVDF and PP this method of welding is generally faster than hot plate welding with welding times typically reduced by around 50%. The fact that heating is achieved without physical contact eliminates the possibility of contamination from the hot plate entering the weld.

Dixon Welders

We also have a fleet of Australian made Dixon Welders which are ideally suited for welding on site and ensure efficient and safe welding.

Our fleet of Dixon Welders include:

  • 3 x LF110 – for welding 32-110mm pipe
  • 6 x HF225 – for welding 63-225mm pipe
  • 9 x EHF355 – for welding 90-355mm pipe
  • 2 x HF630 – for welding 355-630mm Pipe

Hitachi 3 Tonne Excavator

Our Hitachi 3 Tonne Excavator is maintained and ready to deploy to jobs as required – allows us to completely control smaller level projects in house.

Also, very handy on site for relocating pipe and equipment.


Polylink now has 3 well equipped Telehandlers used to move loads to and from places unreachable for a conventional forklift.

  • JCB AGRI 632
  • JCB 353-95

Available for hire at very competitive weekly or monthly rates.