About Us

About Us

Polylink Piping Systems Pty Ltd is one of WA’s leading privately-owned Plastic Piping companies and has been servicing the industry since 2010. Both partners have an extensive back-ground within the field and combined experience of more than 30 years. Polylink provides products and services to the South West of WA and surrounding areas as well as the rest of the state.

Specialising in the Supply, Fabrication, Welding, Installation and Maintenance of Polyethylene and Polypropylene piping systems for the water, waste water, mining, industrial process, power, civil and infrastructure markets, we can add value to your piping project at every stage of development right through to practical completion.

With our Nationwide Network of manufacturers and suppliers we support a full range of products from Pipe and Fittings, Fasteners, Valves and Controls, Bellows, Mechanical Couplings right through to hoses and other associated piping products.

Quality Pipelines

Our Service extends well beyond the simple provision of Poly Pipe Welding Service. We can also assist with material selection and provide valuable information for engineering and drafting purposes. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs, from simple supply & welding solutions right through to full material and welding traceability and even Computerised weld mapping.

Best Practice

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring continual improvement of quality, Polylink are now able to offer full weld mapping and data logging capabilities upon request. Polylink strives for continual improvement in both safety and quality. Our latest data logging equipment can be used to ensure clients piece of mind welding is carried out to the latest industry standards.


We use the latest technology to ensure our products and services meet required specification and relevant standards. Thickness Testing can be used to verify products meet specification when new but can also be used to determine wear in pipelines containing aggressive media.

CHALLENGE – Obtaining Maximum value for every maintenance dollar you spend has always been one of the greatest challenges for companies needing to maintain physical assets.

The primary purpose of thickness testing is to determine trended wear patterns, and rates of wear in both gravity and pressure fed applications, of both fabricated items and pipeline products. This assists in predicting the end of a products useable life and provides a tool for effective maintenance planning.

Essentially this leads to a reduction in costly failures and increase in plant running time, as well as an increase in your “whole of service” life of your plastic pipeline products.


At Polylink, we understand your need to be sure that your products and services will work – and will keep on working. Our commitment to excellence guarantees you quality, reliability and value every time. We are the essential link in servicing both your operational and project requirements.